drinking water refilling stations

  Drinking water refilling stations

Filling and recycling at water depots

The purpose of this PIVØ project is to make drinking water refilling stations, where you can refill e.g., PET bottles. Instead of buying a new bottle, the station will clean empty bottles and refill them with clean drinking water. The solution will be hygienic, easy to operate and fast. The station has built-in payment via mobile phone or magnetic chip with prepaid credit.

The project will find an optimal solution for sterilization, cleaning and filling of water tanks. Before refilling empty bottles with clean water, they will be cleaned using a rinsing unit that sprays clean water into the bottle with a high-water pressure. The mouth part of the bottle will be disinfected at the same time.

Optimal solution for sterilization, cleaning and filling of water tanks

Customers who do not have their own bottles or do not want to recycle them, they can buy new bottles in different sizes. Damaged bottles can be exchanged for new ones for a small fee. This saves between 40-60% compared to buying a new bottle. At the same time, nature is taken care of, as the bottles are used many times.

As the power in the area can be unstable from time to time, the station will be supplied with a small power supply system consisting of batteries that can be charged using solar.

This is a PIVØ-project (Partnershipdriven innovation for emerging markets in East Africa”), supported by The European Regional Development Fund.

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