What we do

Sustainable business on African emerging markets

Access2innovation is the Danish platform for innovative, sustainable, commercial solutions for the emerging markets in Africa.

We offer danish business access to partnerships with NGO’s, investors and knowledge institutions. 

Gain access to different finance opportunities, business understanding and technical insights on the basis of our many years of experience with African emerging markets.

Since 2007 we have created over 80 partnerships by offering network, funding and expertise in innovation and business developing in Denmark and in Africa.

Important partners

Get access to a grand network of business, investors, knowledge institutions, NGO’s and public institutions for developing and scaling innovative, sustainable business.


  • Get valuable insights in demands and needs on African emerging markets
  • Help with development and test of your solution i cooperation with relevant partners
  • Help with identifying and facilitation of relevant partnerships with Danish and African partners
  • Get sparring on scaling your business case

Funding and support

Get access to finance through our framework program and access to private investors and finance opportunities.


  • Up to 500.000 DK kroner. for development and test of new products and business models
  • Up to 3 million DK kroner via access to our network of Danish business angels
  • Up to 5 million DK kroner investments via our crowdfunding platform
  • Access to family offices and institutional investors

Inspiration and expertise

Get access to inspiration and expertise that offers hands-on experience and research on innovation and business developing for emerging markets in African countries.


  • Get invitations to pitchsessions, workshops and other network meetings
  • Participate in research-driven innovationprojects
  • Join us on delegations to Africa

Global challenges create opportunities for sustainable business

The UN Global Sustainable development goals calls for action, if we are to meet the global challenges. World populations is expected to increase to approximately 8,5 billion people by 2030. 40 percent of the increase is expected in Africa. To meet these demands the worlds food production has to increase with 70 percent by 2050, while the climatic changes will result in 150 million climate refugees.

These big challenges create new market opportunities for Danish business. According to the Danish ministry of economics it contains possibilities for up to 60 billion USD a year in 2030. (A World of Opportunities for Danish Businesses 2019).

Denmark has great and relevant knowledge and competencies in sustainable energy solutions, agrobusiness, health, water and sanitation and housing – competencies that are in demand on African emerging markets.

To meet the UN sustainable development goals and the great potential associated with them, Danish companies must work closely together with NGO’s, knowledge institutions, investors and public authority. New types of partnerships across organizational divisions, that will secure fast knowledge sharing and tests of solutions in cooperation with manufactures and end users.

You can help meet the great market potential by becoming a member of our network

We help you develop and sell solutions to the African emerging markets through sparring with experts, funding, and relevant partners. This creates sustainable growth for you, Denmark and African developing countries

Last Exit Before the Abyss

In the documentary “Last Exit Before the Abyss”, leading Danish researchers and experts explain some of the grand challenges that we are facing – and what we can do to avert the disaster.

Advice for those who want to export Africa

  • Boots on the ground – be present in the African country you want to export to
  • Formulate an export strategy that is rooted in top management
  • Find the right local partner
  • Adapt the business model to Africa
  • Make sure you have the right export workers
  • Use the existing Danish networks in Africa
  • Be prepared to unplug
  • Be patient – very patient

From the project ”Afrikanisering – fra Næstved til Nairobi”

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The projects are funded by Access2innovation and our public and private investment partners.

Our area of expertise is mainly on energy, agro-business, water, waste management and housing.