PIVØ (a program now ended)

Developing of concept and prototype

Danish SME’s with focus om sustainable energy, agrobusiness, water, waste management, housing or IT could formerly gain up to 500.000 DK kroner in support and expert help with developing new solutions for African emerging markets. This programme has now ended.

Funding for development of sustainable solutions for East Africa (The program ended in December 2022)

The programme was targeting Danish Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) that in partnership with research institutions could develop new innovative products and solutions to the East African growth markets.

Funding were offered for conceptdevelopment, prototypedevelopment and test of new products and solutions.

Requirements for participation were the following:

  • SMEs must have a positive equity as well as the organizational capacity to complete the project
  • 30 % of the grant must be used for active participation of researchers from Danish universities
  • Potential products and solutions must be scalable and new to either the SME or market
  • SMEs must contribute with co-funding in terms of man-hours
  • Partnerships must provide qualified estimates of anticipated increase in Danish workplaces and revenue for the next 0-2 years and 2-5 years


If the requirements were met, Access2innovation could support a project with up to DKK 500.000.

Each partnership had to have as a minimum consist of two Danish SMEs and a Danish research institution in order to obtain support for phase 1 (concept development) and phase 2 (prototype development and test). Danish NGOs and larger enterprises could participate in the partnership but are not allowed to receive financial support.

The funding were offered from Access2innovations framework programme “Partnershipdriven innovation for emerging markets in East africa”(PIVØ) supported by the European Regional Fund. The program ended in December 2022.

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