Four steps to success in Africa

This is how you get from idea to successful business

Our model for success on African emerging markets is based on many years of experience and research.

Create successful sustainable business in developing countries, through four steps, where companies and partners develop technology, business and partnerships with through sparring from the secretariat.

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Idea development

Proof of concept

Proof of business


Idea development

Maybe you have a good idea but need some help for an initial feasibility study of the business model and technology, a better understanding of the market, or help with identifying the right business partners.

As a member of Access2innovation, you can get sparing and networking for:


Technical feasibility
  • Initial screening of idea
  • Clarification of user needs in developing markets
  • Clarification of product technology and design criteria
  • Clarification of technology / product – market fit
  • Innovation workshops in cooperation with relevant partners
Business feasibility
  • Clarification of market opportunities and market barriers (including risk analysis)
  • Clarification of value chains and potential distribution channels
  • Clarification of local regulations (e.g. customs and environmental requirements)
  • Clarification of product costs and users’ willingness to pay
  • Determining the project’s expected manageability
  • Mapping of potential positive ‘impacts’ related to the product and business model
  • Participation in Go N See business trips for introduction and clarification of market potential
  • Assessment of business concept via local partners
  • Insight into public funding and private investment capital
Partnership identification
  • Identification and contact to knowledge- and technological competencies from knowledge institutions
  • Identification and contact to NGOs and local partners for user needs and market insights
  • Identification and contact to private partners (e.g. local companies and financial institutions)
  • Identification and contact to East African local incubator / accelerator initiatives
  • Identification and contact to local experts within the relevant sectors
  • Participation in innovation workshops in cooperation with relevant partners
  • Sparing for conducting first meetings with relevant partners


Proof of concept

The next step towards realizing your success in the African growth markets is to show that your product and business model works. Get your technology tested, develop your business model, and get your collaboration structured with good credible partners and subcontractors.

It is a process where Access2innovation can assist with a focus on:


Technical test
  • Development and testing of prototype in collaboration with relevant partners (e.g. knowledge institutions and suppliers)
  • Demonstration of solution on a larger scale in collaboration with end users
  • Collection of user data from user driven demonstration (g. product functionality, product relevance and customers’ perceived value added)
  • Contact to local partners for test of technical solutions in dialog with end users and producers
Business development
  • Clarification of service agreements and determination of IPR, product liability and environmental approvals
  • Preparation of financing plan and Go-to-Market strategy
  • Development of business model in relation to value chains and distribution channels
  • Pilot testing of distribution channels and users’ willingness to pay, including customer payment models
  • Clarification and management of local regulation and political framework conditions
  • Continuous sparing on business development, market access, facilitation of partnership development and market clarification
Partnership developement
  • Formulation of partnership agreements (e.g. distribution of roles, commitments, resource allocation)
  • Formulation of ownership structure and royalty models
  • Identification of partnerships related to sales and distribution
  • Contact to partners from NGOs, knowledge institutions, B2B partners, local experts, local financial institutions, and incubator / accelerator initiatives on matters related to technology, business, regulation, culture, and markets
  • Innovation workshops in cooperation with relevant partners

Proof of business

After proof of concept, a demonstration phase will typically be needed, which can also be part of your company’s initial sales. It involves full demonstration of the finished technology / solution, as well as verification of the business model and the established partnership.

Here Access2innovation will typically be included with sparing and networking for:


Technical demonstration
  • Demonstration of production on a larger scale
  • Identification of technical improvement and cost savings in production
  • Optimization of supply chains in relation to production
  • Optimization of environmental issues in relation to production and distribution
  • Continued collection of user data (e.g. product functionality, product relevance and customers’ perceived value added)
Business verification
  • Verification of business model in collaboration with distributors / sales team
  • First sale to identified markets and customer segments
  • Implementation of Go-to-Market strategy, including marketing as well as agreements with distributors and service partners
  • Optimization of capital flows in the company and provision of equity/loan financing, if needed
  • Sparing on business development and markets
  • Facilitating B2B sales
  • Presentation of business case to Danish business angels, crowdlending and institutional investors
  • Sparing on business concept via local partners
  • Insight into public funding and private investment capital
  • Analysis of financing, sales channels, market entry and pricing
  • Realization of active ownerships (private investors / venture capitalists)
Partnership verification
  • Verification of partnership for completion of demonstration project (in relation to sales, distribution, marketing, technical service, and impact measurement)
  • Contact to knowledge institutions and B2B partners within relevant sectors
  • Quick identification of relevant partners on matters related to technology, business, regulation, culture, and markets
  • Contact to local partners for testing technology and dialog with end users and producers
  • Sparing on business development


To ensure that you are prepared for scaling of your business, you need to formulate a go-to-market strategy, and implement it. The focus will be on establishing contacts with suppliers and building the right sales channels, as well as focusing on optimizing and streamlining operations.

Access2innovation assists with:


Technical scaling
  • Identification of suppliers and East African with the purpose of building a organization that can scale production, and sales and service
  • Continued optimization of supply chains in relation to production
Business penetration
  • Developing market penetration strategies
  • Developing market entry strategies and choosing entry modes
  • Sparing on business development
  • Gathering experience, knowledge, and connections on the markets
  • Further development of knowledge to the markets together with strategy development
  • Development of the right financial instruments for scaling the business
  • Development of marketing and sales strategies
Partnership scaling
  • Further development of partnerships with local private and public partners

Funding for your project

Developing sustainable innovation and commercialization requires access to capital.

That is why Access2innovation has built the financing platform that offers companies and partners access to finance – from developing the first idea to scaling your business model.


Successful business in Africa

Danish business community gain access to partnerships with NGO’s, investors, knowledge institutions as well as opportunities for funding, business understandings and technical insights based on many years of experience with African emerging markets.

Since 2007 we have facilitated and supported a wide range of partnerships between businesses, NGO’s, investors, knowledge institutions and public authority by offering network, funding and expertise in innovation and business developing in Denmark and in Africa.