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Success with sustainable business in African emerging markets

As a member of Access2innovation you get access to a unique platform that joins partners, funding opportunities, knowledge and experience from all relevant sectors.

Here you will meet start-ups, SME’s, multinational companies, humanitarian organisations, knowledge institutions, private and public investors as well as public authority.

Access2innovation is established across sectors, lines of industries, civil society, private actors and public authority and not least across borders and cultures.

This gives you the best opportunities for gathering the competencies, that you need to penetrate the African emerging markets.


We can help you identify the right partners and with developing your business 


Four steps to success

As a member you can get sparring from the first idea to scaled business.

This happens in four steps, where companies and partners develop technology, business and partnerships with sparring from the secretariat.

B2B sparring

Get clarification of your product or business idea, access to partners, or help with finding a trustworthy partner or lawyer in East Africa.

Capacity building

We support NGO’s, in partnerships with private actors, with developing products and businessmodels, that are fitted specific customerneeds in developing countries, and with the provision of the right funding.

For businesses

Get sparring, funding and contacts to NGO’s, knowledge institutions, investors and East African companies

For NGO’s

Get commercial expertise, access to a grand network of Danish businesses and investors.

For researchers

Get connections to companies and NGO’s, that will use your knowledge and take part in research projects.

For investors

Get access to sustainable businesses for you to invest in through our market insights and knowledge of entrepreneurs and businesses.


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