B2B sparring

Success with B2B on African emerging markets

Do you want clarification of your product or business idea, access to partners or help finding a credible partner or lawyer in East Africa?

As a member of Access2innovation, you gain access to a well-established network of professional advisors in East Africa. 


Let us help you identify the right partners and with developing your business

You can get help with:


Verification of your idea

  • Verification of technology and business ideas in the East African region
  • Help for feasibility studies in sustainable energy, agrobusiness, waste management, water and sanitation in collaboration with end users and local producers

Proof of concept

  • Support for mapping local grants and financing
  • Identification and validation of local business partners
  • Access to local network for testing solutions that matches local requirements and key priorities
  • Development of business case
  • Market research within sustainable energy, agrobusiness, waste management, water and sanitation

Proof of business


  • Legal and administrative support (which layers to be supported etc.)
  • Access to credible agents / traders / distributors
  • Access to finance
  • Development of regional networks to support activities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda
  • Introduction to and sparing with other Danish export companies on the African market




Join our network

As a member of the network you get access to Access2innovations own financing and for financing through our collaborations with Danish business angel investors, crowdfunding platforms and institutionelle investors.

 We offer you sparring on the basis of many years of experience in Denmark and Africa, and contacts for relevant partners through our grand network.

 At the same time you gain access to a large knowledgebase about emerging markets, technology and business development.