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  Improving the health care system

Biometric registration and real-time health information management

More than 65 million people are currently diforcible displaced worldwide. Among the many challenges they face, proper health care is a significant threat.

Health care management for displaced people in camps and settlements is currently primarily done in a paper-based workflow. The processes are slow and costly and lead to consolidation of data with a high rate of inaccuracy.

This hampers an effective health care management and leads to higher mortality rates as well as a heightened risk of epidemics spreading due to slow response time.

With a new biometric registration and real-time health information management system, the Danish company Unumed aims at improving the health care management for refugees drastically.

With an electronic online health record based on iris registration, the new system will enable real-time disease surveillance and outbreak monitoring and can potentially be used for all kinds of other health-related activities; nutrition programmes, maternity and child health etc.


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