Luftbåren minerydning


Airborne demining

Large parts of the developing world bear the scars of being battlefields in local or regional conflicts.

Realistic assessments estimate that with the current speed of mine clearing, it may take up to 350 years to clear the minefields of the developing world.

One of the major challenges is inspecting potentially contaminated areas that are dominated by bush or shrubbery. This makes visual orientation on the ground extremely difficult – and dangerous.

By joining resources and capabilities from five commercial companies, researchers from Aalborg University and DanChurchAid, Access2innovation has provided the platform for developing an airborne GPS controlled camera.

The aerial overview provides ground staff with an essential tool to identify abandoned roads, old military installations and buildings from a low altitude.

The Sky-Watch drone optimizes mine clearing operations by up to 25 percent, thereby ensuring that local communities regain access to farmland, water points, abandoned buildings etc. Sky-Watch is Acces2innovation’s first groundbreaker; the first commercial company to rise from the Access2innovation network platform.

Sky-Watch was supported by Access2innovation in its initial years and is now a successful company that provides solutions for a range of different sectors.

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