During the General Assembly 2024, a new, competent board of Access2innovation was elected, representing our members, including NGOs, private companies and research institutions.

The new board reflects both continuous commitment from previous board members as well as the opportunity to welcome new members. The board constituted itself according to the statutes of the organization, and we are hereby very happy to introduce  them:


  • Henrik Wollesen (Engsko), chairperson
  • Lars Møller (Caritas), deputy chairperson
  • Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen (KU/University of Copenhagen), member
  • Simon la Cour (Pesitho), member
  • Ole Haubro (Aller Aqua), member
  • Lisbeth Stausholm Zacho (Nordic Impact Funds), alternate
  • Ulla Balle (DanChurchAid), alternate
  • Arne Remmen (Aalborg University), alternate
  • Flemming Pedersen (DMS Africa), alternate

Henrik Wollesen



Lars Møller


(Deputy chairperson)

Ole Haubro

Aller Aqua


Simon la Cour



Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen

Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research, University of Copenhagen


Ulla Balle


(1st alternate for NGOs)

Lisbeth Zacho

Nordic Impact Funds

(1st alternate for companies, business associations and public institutions)

Flemming Pedersen

DMS Africa

(2. alternate for companies, business associations and public institutions)

Arne Remmen

Aalborg University

(1st alternate for research institutions)