Toilet facilities from One Stop Shop

Better hygiene results in fewer cases of illness

Many Africans in slums go to inhumanly buried latrines, where the stools sometimes run into open sewers. Sometimes so-called “flying toilets” are used, which means that a plastic bag works as a mobile toilet bowl, which can then be thrown away.

The One Stop Shop project cuts health risks arising from unhygienic toilet habits and lack of access to clean water and sanitation, which is a major problem in poor areas.

The users pay a small amount to use the facilities in the toilet building and in return, they get access to good hygiene, as well as a voucher, they can use on clean water and hygiene items in the One Stop Shop’s shop.

Among other things, the clear hygiene improvement has resulted in no outbreak of cholera in the area since the construction of the facilities.

There are plans to continuously integrate a sewerage system, that will convert wastewater into renewable energy. In this way, in addition for being a social project, it will also become an environmentally sustainable project.


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