Solar cookers for nights

Solar cookers that work at night

The purpose of the project is to develop a cooker that utilizes solar energy and can be used throughout the day, regardless of the weather. Already in the market, there are several cookers designed and adapted for developing countries, especially the wood-burning cookers. However, due to the increasing population growth, finding firewood becomes a challenge, as one must go further in the forest to find it. In addition, deforestation is taking place in some parts of Africa, which means that in the future, there will be less firewood.

A disadvantage with ordinary sun-driven cookers is that they can only be used during sunny days. They do not function when the sun goes down or during cloudy days. Often, people are working during the day and prepare dinner after sunset. Therefore, this project will develop a solar cooker that collects solar energy, stores heat, and can be used at any given time of the day.

This is a PIVØ-project (Partnershipdriven innovation for emerging markets in East Africa”), supported by The European Regional Development Fund.

Read more about PIVØ-projects here.


byNis IVS

Lars Henrik Mardahl Aps

Davinci 3D A/S

Aalborg University

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