Sensorbased watering

Saves water and increase yields

The world’s water supply will fall 40 % short before 2030. A reason for this is, that more than 70 % of the global freshwater is used for irrigation.

SmartFarm has developed a decision support system for irrigation, that helps farmers take better decisions on when and where to water, based on actual field conditions.

Academic studies and practical results show, that by irrigating according to soil moisture sensors, up to 50 % water can be saved, and yield increased by another 30 %.

SmartFarm cuts hardware cost by adapting a less accurate, but vastly cheaper, sensor technology and provides a disruptive new business model, to reduce upfront costs even further. It is designed for farmers in emerging markets and uses machine learning, to provide automatic and actionable insights via SMS or smartphone.

The technology ensures unprecedented range, even in tree-grooves. Sensors are optimized to run on batteries, to account for a dense tree cover, which does not allow for solar powered nodes.




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