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  Delicious drinks from coffee leaves

Drink with a clear conscience

Twisted Leaf has just launched two new varieties of their unique, alcohol- and sugar-free beverage on coffee leaves. At the same time, Twisted Leaf completed their PIVØ project in collaboration with Access2innovation this spring. The project included two new non-alcoholic beverages in collaboration with PhValue, DTU Food and Verdens Skove.

“The beverage market is growing a lot in low-alcohol and completely non-alcoholic alternatives. Without the financial support of the PIVØ project and the help from Access2innovation, we would not have been here so quickly with two new fantastic non-alcoholic alternatives to wine and cocktails, ”says Magnus M. Harrison from Twisted Leaf.

The coffee leaf is a distinctive food ingredient because it has rich amounts of antioxidants, very few bitter substances and natural caffeine. It provides beverages that are naturally refreshing due to natural caffeine and which have an incredibly mouth-watering dry body due to the tannins in the leaf.
Twisted Leaf supports some of the world’s most vulnerable farmers in Kenya. Coffee leaves are usually discarded and burned after the farmers prune their coffee trees throughout the year. By using the coffee leaves – a natural residual product from coffee cultivation – a new and much-needed crop and source of income is established, which creates local jobs, stable income and better living conditions for small farms and their families in Kenya.

Twisted Leaf now has 37 smaller family coffee farms that supply the leaves. Two local employees handle payment to the farmers, quality assurance of the leaves and balancing and the logistical export setup.

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