Ready for crises

Digitization of plans for continued operations and risk management

Human Risks develops a digital planning tool for organizations’ operation and crisis management. According to the researchers, a globalized world will result in more crises. Therefore, the need for a planning tool that makes it easier to ensure an active effort that minimizes the negative effects of the crisis.

These crises can occur because of, for example, natural phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, or droughts. They can also be caused by man-made activities such as demonstrations, civil war, terrorism, crime or product defects, and health challenges such as pandemics. The crisis affects the existing infrastructure, such as logistics, construction, and IT systems. It can have enormous human and financial consequences in regions such as East Africa.

The digital planning tool will improve quality and minimize the resources required for crisis planning and management. It will be able to document processes and create knowledge that can provide a basis for the development of artificial intelligence and an easier knowledge sharing across organizations than the traditional approach with pen and paper or Office package.’

Human Risks software will create value for large organizations that have established crisis planning and control processes. But it also provides opportunities for small businesses that do not necessarily have a foundation to prevent or minimize damage from crisis situations.

The tool will provide a crisis overview thus saving time and providing an opportunity to intervene in critical situations, so they are dealt with before they develop into a crisis.

This is a PIVØ-project (Partnershipdriven innovation for emerging markets in East Africa”), supported by The European Regional Development Fund.

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