Tracking of elephants and zebras

Drone software for wildlife safety on the African Savannas

Robotto, a company from Aalborg is developing drone software for wildlife safety on the African savannas. It also gives rescuers an overview of fires and other accidents in several places in the world. The technology’s core elements are computer vision, artificial intelligence, drones, tracking and identification of e.g., elephants in the bush or flames in large fires using advanced thermal image analysis. The solution is already in use in North Jutland, Spain, and England and will, in collaboration with the drone manufacturer Nordic Wing ApS, be developed to protect wild animals from poachers on the savannas of Africa.

“We are an international group of engineering romantics with a deep-rooted belief that we can inspire the world with our innovation in robotics. We want to use robots, drones, and artificial intelligence to create a better world,” says CEO Kenneth Geipel and continues:

“In collaboration with Nordic Wing, we have now started a project with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which will help them in the fight against poachers on the savannah. Here, we can identify and count elephants, giraffes, and zebras and see if there are people with rifles nearby. In this way, we create a completely new innovative product that did not exist in markets, and which can purposefully help small communities with the safety of their national parks. This is something that would otherwise require large resources because we are talking about vast areas, where the animals move freely”.


This is a PIVØ-project (Partnershipdriven innovation for emerging markets in East Africa”), supported by The European Regional Development Fund.

Read more about PIVØ-projects here.

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