Minister of Development Cooperation open to SDG incubator. Excerpt from Børsen November 1st 2020
Excerpt from Børsen November 1st 2020

The past week, the leading danish business paper Børsen published a nice series of articles about the lack of early financing of green Danish climate solutions. No less than 12 pages for interviews and great photos with Danish SMEs. Read about MASH Energy, who convert agricultural waste into biofuel. And Engsko, whose grinders optimize the nutrient content of African corn flour and prevent the flour from perishing.

The Minister of Development Cooperation Rasmus Prehn declares himself open to proposals from Access2innovation. Proposals which can ensure better coherence in public support schemes, attract private capital and promote sustainable growth in both Denmark and Africa. This is one of the messages in the articles, which focuses on the barriers to Danish sustainable growth in Africa.

Read about MASH Energy in Børsen here
Read about Engsko in Børsen here
Read about the Minister for Development Coorperation in Børsen here

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Feel free to come here with YOUR suggestion on how Danish companies and partners can contribute to the green transition in developing countries? Then we take it into the further dialogue.

The problem with early financing appears from a new analysis. The analysis is made by Access2innovation in collaboration with DI, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, WWF Denmark, DanChurchAid and the Danish Red Cross. The gap in access to early financing for new Danish sustainable solutions for the. global market prevents private investors from entering into capital for the scaling up of good sustainable businesses Despite political world-goal ambitions, Denmark thus risks missing out on a lush undergrowth of green ideas and projects.
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