Cooling tank for milk. Exploring opportunities in Africa.
From our last visit in Africa in August: Martin, technical chief at Limuru Dairy, in front of a cooling tank for milk.

You can be a part of optimizing the restart of Africa.

Access2innovation is back on track! Despite the serious situation around the world, we still believe in the opportunities in Africa. Access2innovation’s work to support Danish exports of green technology to Africa is more important than ever. As never before, there is a need for efficient energy, food production and other SDG solutions. Here, Danish technology can really make a difference in the African growth markets.

We have already visited the continent in August and soon we go to Africa again – this time with our member Engsko, to look at the opportunities for new grainmills.

Even in times of crisis, Africa needs good sustainable solutions within e.g. food or energy. One of our members, Solar Venti, is at the moment doubling the production potential. Other members are really near their first contracts in the area.

Together with Access2innovation, you get the first move benefit by supporting the reopening of countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and thus the African growth markets. We believe in Africa. We are convinced that there are still plenty of opportunities for both Africans and Danes. Contact us and hear about the new opportunities!