Power hub with solar energy

Solarpower for refugee camps

One of the biggest barriers to diffusion of electricity in Africa is the establishment of electricity grids and power supplies. The reasons are high prices for both plants and customers, poor opportunities for installation and measurement in houses and households, that acquire illegal access to electricity.

Due to this, it has become popular with small decentralized off grid solar cell installations, which do not need to be connected to a power supply. The advantage is that they are cheap to buy, but unfortunately most of the solutions are not very energy efficient and therefore, their use is expensive in the long run.

Power Hub functions as a combination of the two by installing a central solar cell system in connection with e.g. refugee camps and from there distribute the power via a battery, which is connected to a control unit, that controls energy consumption and payment.

This is a PIVØ-project (Partnershipdriven innovation for emerging markets in East Africa”), supported by The European Regional Development Fund.

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