Water saving toilet cisterns

Reduction of water consumption 

Particularly in densely populated areas of Africa, lack of water is a serious problem. In some cities, the population has to walk up to 70 km to  get clean water, so it is important to save on consumption.

A lot of the water that is used today is through the toilets. The flush valves are not water-saving and the toilets often run. Therefore, the toilets use a large part of the cities’ water supply.

The Danish company ecoBETA has developed a water-saving unit for flushing toilets, which allows for a drastic reduction in water consumption. The device is inserted into a rinsing water cistern and reduces the average water consumption by 40 to 50 percent.

Furthermore, the insert valve has only very few moving parts and is therefore extremely low in maintenance.

Through the AfWA (African Water Association) network, ecoBeta has come into contact with the water authorities in 40 African countries – a huge market potential.

Access2innovation has granted ecoBETA funding for two in a pilot project in Cote d’Ivoir, where more than 200 efforts have been tested at a number of locations in the capital Abidjan.


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