Despite the Covid-19 crisis, we managed to get off to a good start on the sale of the new iced coffee ICED Espresso in Kenya. The coffee will be produced by coffee farmers in Kenya. It is currently available with several different flavors such as Dark Chocolate, Cream Caramel and Irish Rum and has become a big hit in Denmark.

Farm Mountain ICED Espresso launch in Kenya
Launch of ICED Espresso in Kenya

“ICED Espresso is expected to be a major outlet especially for Kenyan hotels and restaurants. Here, iced coffee is already a popular product, which can cost up to 500 shillings for a glass. But even with an average price of 200 Shillings per glass, ICED Expresso is expected to make a nice profit for both the local farmers who have produced the coffee, the Kenyan Red Cross and Danish Farm Mountain, who originally developed the product. It consists of espresso shots and syrup an extract that simply needs to be added to ice cubes and possibly milk for the perfect iced coffee, ” Program manager Henrik Anker Ladefoged, Access2innovation. He continues:

“ICED Espresso is a fine example of exporting a Danish, sustainable idea that in the future will create jobs and commercial value locally based on the rapidly growing markets in East Africa. We are therefore very pleased that we have already managed to sell the majority of the first trial in Kenya despite the crisis.”