Delegationtrip to Kenya and Tanzania | January 24-31 2021

In 2019, Danish SMEs and Access2innovation were on a delegation trip to Africa. Here the SMEs got in touch with 11 local companies, all of which wanted cooperation with at least one of the delegates on specific tasks and overall in relation to future collaborations.


We want to repeat that success!


Therefore, in January 2021, you can participate in Access2innovation’s delegation trip, which this time goes to Kenya and Tanzania (departure January 24th – return date January 31st). On the trip, you will gain knowledge of the market opportunities related to green conversion, including energy solutions, optimization of industries, waste management and wastewater management. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to utilize the synergy that can arise from a joint delegation trip among the Danish SMEs, which is expected to be able to increase your company’s internationalization.


The trip gives you the opportunity to attend meetings with decision-makers, including government representatives, public authorities and private actors, as well as the opportunity for B2B meetings and company visits. There will be a focus on strengthening your ability to create relationships, partnerships and knowledge about the players in the relevant markets, of which you will be a part in the future. This means in particular great focus on B2B contact and individual planning of a number of meetings for you. In addition, there will also be visits to the embassies of the respective countries.


By participating in the trip, you get:

  • Increased knowledge of market opportunities in relation to green conversion
  • Opportunity for professional back-and-forth with Danish SMEs
  • Meetings with government representatives, public authorities and private actors
  • Company visits and B2B meetings

Sounds like something for you?
Sign up now to Ole Stein at
When you sign up, please fill out and attach this document

Deadline for sign up: December 20, 2020.

*The trip depends on a minimum of 8 participants.


Participation in the trip has a deductible of: DKK 6,000.
In addition, the cost of visas, flights, hotels and food.

For strategic members of Access2innovation, a package for flights, hotels and food can be purchased for DKK 1,500.
For non-members of Access2innovation, a package for flights, hotels and food can be purchased for DKK 4,900.

Visas must be handled by all participants.