Er du studerende og har lyst til at engagere dig i Access2innovations arbejde?

Både Access2innovation og vores samarbejdspartner Caritas søger studerende.

Caritas tilbyder plads til en studerende i et projekt om vertical farming.

Access2innovation tibyder plads til en til to studerende med kompetencer indenfor analyse af vores erfaringer med eksport af dansk innovativ teknologi til Østafrika.

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About the A2i Student Project

Access2Innovation invites one or two students at the master level to take part in a project that will assess the project and the processes that the company led partnerships have gone through, including

  • How they, with the support of A2I, have identified relevant market opportunities in Africa
  • How they have identified relevant partners in Denmark and Africa
  • How they have organized and worked with them
  • What problems and issues they have faced due to culture, financial and other issues.

The hope is that through this project we shall be able to build a framework for how to build an organization and a partnership that is able to work in complex institutional and cultural settings.

Read more here: Projekt erfaringsopsamling -a2i-1

About the Caritas Student Project

Caritas Denmark’s local partners in Sub Saharan Africa (Burkina Faso, Niger and Uganda) report similar challenges concerning food security of our target groups; being internally displaced, refugees and vulnerable urban groups with inadequate access to arable land. Lack of sufficient water, increasing pressure on scares resources (due to e.g. population growth often related to arrival of refugees or internally displaced) and climate changes all exacerbates existing problems and are thus becoming crisis multipliers.

Therefore, we would like to know more on possibilities and solutions for vertical (perhaps off-ground) gardening, which potentially could be a solution to a range of problems across our programme countries, contributing to food security and improved nutrition for the targeted population

Læs om projektet i Caritas og dine muligheder for at være med her: Call for applicants – access2innovation_Caritas_Jan2022