The mechanical and electrical installation of a seed dryer from BM Silo is going well in our DMDP grain project in Uganda.

The seed dryer is installed in Kakiri Town in the Buganda Region, North-East of Kampala. It is bought by Wekembe Cooperative Society, which is member-based.

“2700 farmers are looking forward to having access to better drying of their harvest,” explains Yango Azando, project coordinator for Access2innovation Uganda. The seed dryer is expected ready to be up and running in August 2023.

The DMDP project will help Ugandan farmers get a better harvest with Danish tech, specially developed for Ugandan needs.

The project is carried out with help from Danida Market Development Partnership. It is called Integrated Grain Handling Project for rural communities in Uganda. 

Read more about the project here (in Danish)

Read more about the project here (in English)