Vi siger stort velkommen til vores to nye medlemmer, GSol Energy and Lifeshelter.

Om GSol energy:
GSol Energy empowers sustainable growth. Worldwide 1 billion people do not have access to electricity, 600 mio of these in the sub-Saharan region.

Everyone deserves access to affordable and clean energy. Electricity drives the engine of opportunity in the modern world. It allows our children to study by light. It provides health and safety. It powers the production cycle of food. It powers the innovation in our factories. From telecommunications to transportation, power is essential to virtually every aspect of our increasingly dynamic and interconnected world. As a result, investment in power infrastructure must be a part of any strategy for development.

Om Lifeshelter:
We want to help alleviate poverty through supplying cost effective, high quality buildings that have a minimum carbon footprint.

Our structures are useful as homes, work space, offices, schools, health clinics, cold storage, staff housing and many more applications where durability, comfort and cost are important.