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  Inclusive CO2 Sequestration in the Kenyan Nut Industry 

Inclusive CO2 Sequestration in the Kenyan Nut Industry

Introducing our project ‘Inclusive CO2 Sequestration in the Kenyan Nut Industry’.


The project ‘Inclusive CO2 Sequestration in the Kenyan Nut Industry is developed together with MASH Makes A/S, Grow Fairly Ltd., Farm Africa, LM Africa Services and Access2innovation. The project is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Danida Green Business Partnerships (DGBP) program.

The objective of the project is to validate reduction of CO2 emissions by use of agri-waste, while creating jobs, and increasing income and improving livelihoods for nut farmers in coastal Kenya. By creating waste management hubs at nut processing sites, Danish pyrolysis solutions will produce biochar, ensure efficient electricity production and eventually biofuel. Anchored in an Inclusive Business Model, biochar will be used for soil improvement, increasing: 1) nut production, 2) employment in processing (spec. women & youth), 3) profit shares from CO2 credits & renewable energy production.

Background: A challenged nut industry

Cashew nut production is an important occupation in coastal Kenya. Due to inadequate crop management practices, old unproductive orchards, poor quality planting materials, high post-harvest losses, prevalence of pests and diseases and poor marketing infrastructure and processes, cashew production had declined drastically, thus reducing its economic importance. In 2017, Kenya had 2.4 million cashew nut trees which are old – with 20% of the mature trees not being productive anymore. The three project target counties, Kwale, Kilifi and Lamu, experience very high poverty rates (60-70%) and the worst income inequality in Kenya.

The project will address these challenges by improving soil and nut farm management for higher yields and thereby income, as well as create new jobs in the biochar processing value chain. The project supports Kenya Vision 2030, pilar 1 with focus on among others: Increasing productivity of crops, Developing more irrigable areas in arid and semi-arid lands, Improving market access for smallholders through better supply chain management ensuring; as well as the NCCAP 2018-22, and Regional Strategy of the Coast Development Authority.


Meet the partners

MASH Makes is an Indo-Danish company that has generated a unique containerized pyrolysis reactor able to turn biowaste from agricultural production into CO2 negative bio char for soil improvement, production of electricity and production of CO2 negative biofuel for the local and international market. MASH Makes has a complete factory for the handling of 25,000 tons of cashew shells per year in India, and now exploring the opportunities to expand to East Africa, anchored in a verified CO2 credit financing model. For more information please visit:

Grow Fairly Limited was established in 2017 out of the need to protect smallholder farmers who struggled to get a decent price for their produce from unscrupulous middlemen. Grow Fairly strives to create sales opportunities for the disadvantaged producers, while contributing to the support of a fair-trade concept. In addition to the modern macadamia nuts processing factory in Kilifi, Grow Fairly distributes seedlings to Kenyan farmers. Today Grow Fairly Limited works directly with 30,000 small-holder farmers. Grow Fairly has set up 3 seedling nurseries, attained a seedling distribution of over 300,000 every year, set up 30 buying centers and developed a Cashew Nut processing capacity of 3,000 MT per year. For more information visit

Farm Africa is an NGO working to reduce poverty in rural eastern Africa by helping farmers grow more, manage their natural resources better and sell their produces for more. Farm Africa drives agricultural and environmental change to improve lives. Farm Africa’s strategy has three pillars: agricultural expertise, management and preservation of ecosystems, and the power of business to drive prosperity. Farm Africa places high priority on environmental sustainability and develops approaches that help farmers to improve their yields and incomes without degrading their natural resources. Farm Africa works in partnership with communities, government, local and international organizations, and the private sector to innovate, learn and share best practices for maximum impact of our projects. For more information visit:

LM (Africa) Services Ltd is a post-harvest grain care equipment sales, installation, consultancy, and service support company with experience in the industry spanning more than 40 years. The team, although based in Kenya, has been involved in the design and installation for various grain care handling and coffee processing companies throughout East Africa and other parts of Africa in cleaning, drying, storage, bulking and feed milling. We have teamed up with specialized and reputable post-harvest equipment suppliers in Europe and provides support to all mechanical, electrical controls and automation, plant improvement and design. For more information please visit:

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