BIG Congratulations to our two PIVØ projects:

Mash Makers, finalist in the SDG Tech Awards in the category BEST SME


Kioo Water Re-fill Kiosks, which has been chosen for the SDG Tech Awards 2022 finals in the category Blue Water.

We cross our fingers for the SDG Tech Finals!

Only five companies out of more than 300 nominated are chosen for each category in the finals, which take place in Copenhagen December 7, 2022.

MASH MAKES turns fuel production upside down

Mash MAKES is an Indo-Danish green tech company with the goal of creating a positive impact with carbon-negative biofuel.

Read more about Mash Makers here.

Clean water in clean bottles

The founder of the KIOO Water Re-fill Kiosks, Per Egede Nielsen, has invented a way of cleaning used water bottles, before filling them with clean water. This is done in so-called Water Re-fill Kiosks.

The price of cleaning and filling of your own bottle is the third of buying a new bottle of drinking water. The Kiosks will be put up for a start in East Africa at e.g. bus stations and universities.

You can pay per filling or for a longer period, e.g. for your children in school for half a year.

Read more about Kioo Water Re-fill Kiosks here (in Danish).