Access2innovation welcomes our new member: RobinVac. We will let the very interesting company introduce itself here:

“We help global healthcare systems speed up the vaccination rollout. We do so by providing access to more vaccine doses and ensuring that these doses are not only accurate and easily accessible but also cheaper than existing doses.

For every vaccine vial emptied, 1-2 doses are wasted due to the dead spaces in syringes and needles. This means that 8-29 % of all potential vaccine doses are wasted depending on vial size and syringes available. Every dose wasted represents a cost.

With RobinVac you can extract between 10% and 40% extra vaccines from each vial depending on the vial size and syringes used. RobinVac consistently extracts 7 doses from every Pfizer vial and 12 doses from a Moderna /AZ vial- Dose accuracy is high and it is safe for mRNA vaccine. The system is easy to learn easy to implement, not dependent on LDS syringes and has a short pay back time.”

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