Do you need a base in East Africa? Meet A2i in our office in Shiriki House,16 Mackinnon Road, Kampala. 

Our member, Jens Rydder is the CEO of Shiriki House and a partner in the affiliated companies SustaiNet Group and Vizuri360. They are all incorporated in Kenya and Uganda.

Jens has a good offer for you, if you are looking for compliance business support in Uganda or Kenya. Read more below

Jens has a Master in Political Science and Public Administration from University of Aarhus.

  • Jens, what is your business?

Shiriki House offers attractive and fully furnished, private offices and coworking facilities with free access to common services and spaces such as front office, meeting facilities, café, internet, etc. on flexible contractual terms to allow for easy check-in and check-out and easy upscaling and downscaling as members grow their business. Shiriki House currently has two branches in Nairobi and one in Kampala.

Vizuri360 offers high-quality compliance and operational support services to companies and organizations in Uganda and Kenya. The services include Company Registration, Human Resource Management (sourcing, recruitment, payroll and contract management), Financial Management and Procurement, Tax & Legal Compliance, Immigration/Relocation Services, and Event Management support.

SustaiNet Consulting offers consultancy services in the field of market-oriented agricultural and rural development, including inclusive food systems, market analysis, entrepreneurship and employment generation and similar fields.

  • What are you using the Access2innovation network for?

We have many technical and thematic interests in common with Access2innovation and its members, especially regarding scaling of Danish tech and innovations in African markets, a focus on agrifood systems and entrepreneurship development, and more broadly a common belief in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources. The A2i newsletter keeps us informed about Danish companies interested in East African markets.

  • What do you offer to the Members of Access2innovation?

Across our consulting, co-working and compliance support businesses, we aim to provide innovative and Africa-anchored services to companies and organizations committed to achieving responsible and sustainable development. We believe in partnership and collaboration as means to leverage competencies and resources for sustainable business and development. We are therefore very pleased to offer services across all our three business areas to access2innovation members at favorable rates.