Dear Members and Partners of Access2innovation,

2023 has been a very exciting year – for me personally and for the organization. I got the privilege of joining Access2innovation at the beginning of the year and have been met by a professional secretariat and a committed board and been fortunate to work with and learn from a number of our members and partners over the year – thank you!

We have made significant progress in connecting Danish business and innovation with African markets during the past year. Together, we have fostered meaningful partnerships, accelerated green solutions, and paved the way for sustainable development. We have made good progress in facilitating local finance for farmer cooperatives in our DMDP-financed ‘Grain Hub’ project in Uganda, which enables them to buy Danish technology improving post-harvest handling. We have initiated two new DGBP-financed projects focusing on solar-powered irrigation in Uganda and CO2 reduction through pyrolysis technology in Kenya. Further, we are proud to successfully having secured another two DGBP grants for clean energy projects within e-mobility and water solutions in Uganda and Kenya, respectively, to start in January 2024. All projects contribute to increased income and improved livelihoods for local communities, and not least climate change adaptation and mitigation through innovative, green technology.

We now have offices in Copenhagen, Kampala, and Aalborg, and have increased our network from 32 to 59 members. We have hosted 11 virtual A2i Talks focusing on business and development and delivered by experts from Africa and Denmark. We have produced 12 newsletters and had a significant raise in both the number of receivers of the newsletter and followers at SoMe. Finally, but not least, we have facilitated learning events and capacity building, finance to members, and a delegation trip to Kenya and Tanzania.

As we transition from 2023 to 2024, I am excited about the opportunities the new year presents. In 2024, we in Access2innovation look forward to contributing to the development of the upcoming Africa Plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, we will expand our network, embark on exciting partnership projects, and deepen business and development opportunities for a greener and more prosperous Africa. Do join us in this endeavor if you are not already a member!

I wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year. May 2024 be a year of new possibilities and remarkable achievements.


Karin Elisabeth Lind, CEO, Access2innovation