Access2innovation Partnership Day

Access2innovation Partnership Day

Access2innovation Partnership Day

Danish Business Opportunities on the African Markets – What are the Opportunities Now and in the Future?

With this partnership day, we zoom in on what it takes to create better opportunities for Danish companies on the African continent. What are the visions of the policy makers? What do companies want? What are the experiences? And what does it take for Danish companies to succeed in the African markets?

Venue: Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø (Conference Room K1)

Time Topic Keynote speaker

Coffee, tea and croissants




Setting the scene – How does Denmark perform in comparison to other countries and what are the learnings from Access2innovation?


Karin Elisabeth Lind

CEO – Access2innovation

10:15-10:30 What are the visions of policymakers and what is Denmark doing to promote Danish business opportunities on the African markets?

Elsebeth Søndergaard Krone

Head of Department – Green Diplomacy and Climate, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs



What are the opportunities for Danish companies in the African agriculture sector?

Florence Charamba Christensen,

Afrika Consultancy



What are the ideal framework conditions for Danish companies wishing to enter African markets?


Anders Frigaard

Investment Director – IFU



What does it take to succeed in the African markets?


Ole Haubro

Sales Director – Aller Aqua


Panel discussion – the floor is open for questions and comments.


Facilitated by Access2innovation.

12-13 Lunch

13-15:30 Access2innovation Generalforsamling


  1. Velkommen og godkendelse af dagsorden
  2. Valg af stemmetællere
  3. Valg af dirigent
  4. Formandens beretning
  5. Regnskabsaflæggelse
  6. Behandling af indkomne forslag
  7. Godkendelse af kontingent.
  8. Godkendelse af budget.
  9. Valg bestyrelsesmedlemmer. Der skal vælges 1 repræsentant for NGOer.
  10. Valg af suppleanter til bestyrelsen. Der skal vælges op til 3 suppleanter fra hhv. NGOer, erhvervsorganisationer og offentlige organisationer.
  11. Godkendelse af revisorer
  12. Eventuelt: Cafédiskussion – strategisk input til Access2innovation indenfor:
    1. Medlemmer, services og a2i community aktiviteter
    2. Netværk, samarbejde og alliancer
    3. Økonomisk bæredygtighed
    4. Åbent





Tilmelding GF og Partnerskabsdag 2024
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