Kayanja Solar grid. Photo © by Jacob Ravn, access2innovation

Energy hubs

A large part of the rural population in East Africa will not be able to access the electrical grid for years to come.

93 percent of the population in Uganda is currently solely depending on noisy and polluting diesel generators and kerosene for lighting.

The partnership between WWF and the Danish company Remergy has developed and tested mini-grid solutions enabling even small communities in accessing clean affordable energy at a commercial driven basis.

The Kasese district in the South Western region of Uganda faces serious energy and environmental  challenges; thus it has been appointed Clean Energy Champion District by the WWF, local government, the local district and number of other key stakeholders.

The goal is ensure 100 percent access to clean energy in the district by 2020. 

Today, the energy hub is providing energy to 100 households to an affordable price. The villagers are saving a third compared to their energy alternatives before.

Latest update:
On August 23rd, 2016, WWF and the Danish energy provider ENIIG announced that they were launching a collaboration about setting up 35 new mini grids in Uganda - primarily in Kasese and neighboring districts.

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For further information, please refer to Ole Stein, program manager at the access2innovation secretariat.

Over the years, access2innovation has produced several video specs on the energy hubs in Kasese:


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