Circular energy

70-80 % of the population in rural East Africa have no access to electricity and no means to buy fodder or fertilizer – stunting the development of efficient and sustainable production.

The idea behind Circular Energy is to develop a system where biomass production (planting new types of rapidly growing trees) is combined with production of animal fodder and fertilizer (nitrogen) collection.

The project includes developing suitable boilers that can produce electricity to run irrigation systems, schools and smaller companies.

The Circular Energy project could potentially have a large impact, addressing both energy- and food issues in rural East Africa. The idea at the first stage is to develop Circular Energy on 120 ha of in total 1.200 ha along the Tana River in Kenya. The village of Mulanjo has given Kenyan Red Cross (KRC) and Little Dane the 1.200 ha plot for a joint project.

The main objective is to electrify the area and to make clean water available. According to the tribe elders, this is the most acute need in order to develop further.

Partners: Little Dane ApS (lead), Holmlund Agriculture, Sustainable Solutions IVS, Maskinfabrikken Faust, Aarhus University

Where: Kenya

This project is supported by funding from the PIVØ-programme. Read more…

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