UN tents in Kalobeyie, Kenya. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen, access2innovation

Tent Buster

As the number of refugees in the world are constantly rising due to war, conflicts and climate change, refugee camps keep growing and new ones are continuously being established.

The project Tent Buster aims at developing a better alternative to the commonly used tents that are used in establishing major refugee camps.

The new type of shelter should be more durable, more robust, fire proof, safe and comfortable to live in, reusable an insulated to improve living conditions in both warm and cold climates. Furthermore, the shelter should be produced – at least in part – locally.

The Danish company Evershelter ApS has already developed the LifeShelter® in collaboration with a number of humanitarian organisations. The Lifeshelter® is currently being used as administration buildings in some refugee camps but is too expensive to meet the massive demand for temporary housing. However, the Tent Buster solution will draw heavily on the experiences gained from the Lifeshelter® production.

Partners: Evershelter ApS, Danish Refugee Council, DTU - Technical University of Denmark

Where: Erbil, Iraq

This project is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation under the “Deciphering the Relief Aid Market” project. Read more…

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