Lyras has attracted millions in private funding. Their innovative pasteurization machine is a potential game changer in food security. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen, access2innovation

Lyras attracts millions in private funding

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access2innovation member Lyras has attracted several million DKK in private funding to secure final development of their ground-breaking pasteurization machine.

The young Aalborg-based company Lyras has developed a new way of pasteurizing liquids that will potentially revolutionize the liquid food industry in the years to come.
By using UV light and a patented flow system, the company has developed cold pasteurization; a way of eliminating bacteria and spores in drinkable liquids, such as juice, faster, better, and far more energy efficient than any way used anywhere today.

The machine is in the final test stages with major Danish food producers and is a hair’s breadth from being market ready. With the new private funding in place, Lyras expects to have the solution available for the market later this year.
"We’re not going to name a date, but it will definitely be soon," says Lyras Co-founder Kai Færch.

African potential
Supported by access2innovation, three students working with Lyras spent time in Kenya last year looking into possible business potentials on the African beverage market.

"There is definitely a huge potential for us in Africa," says Kai Færch. "Generally, bacteria are of more significant concern and a much larger problem in countries like Uganda and Kenya, where some of the local bacteria levels are a far more severe health hazard than anything we see in Europe. However, we need to make sure that our solution is absolutely proven and mile-tested before we consider bringing it to the African market," he says.

That being said, Lyras remains an active member of the access2innovation association.
"There is a lot of value for us in being part of the access2innovation network. There are market knowledge and contact base there that we couldn’t get anywhere else. We want to keep the connection to access2innovation warm so that we don’t have to start from scratch when we are ready to face the African markets."

Read more at Lyras' website.

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