The PIVØ funding programme supports innovative partnerships with solutions for the East African market. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen, access2innovation

2 million DKK for new projects

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access2innovation grants 2.176.000 DKK in funding for innovative partnerships

With funding from the European Union, the access2innovation board has granted funding for six partnerships between private sector, academia and CSOs that are developing innovative solutions for the East African market.

The following projects will receive funding:

Water by Sun – a simple, cost-effective solar-driven water pump. It is based on new technology that eliminates the challenges connected to most current water pumps.

UV liquid treatment – developing a technology for sterilisation of non-transparent liquids. The technology has the potential of creating a large impact within a range of industries.

Bio Energy – Village Concept – development of a small-scale briquetting press that makes it possible to produce briquettes from the invasive species Prosopis. The technology will potentially be able to provide energy-efficient fuel for millions of people.

Circular energy – development of a system where bio mass production is combined with production of animal fodder and fertilizer. The project includes the development of suitable boilers the can produce energy for irrigation systems, schools and small companies. The project addresses energy, farming and food issues in rural Africa.

Green Agro Cooling chain – developing small-scale cooling units that allow local farmers to store and treat produce after harvest – before being transported to the market. Today, more than 50 per cent of all crops harvested in Africa goes to waste because of lack of proper storing and post-harvest facilities.

Portable Power Hub – setting up a central solar power plant near a refugee camp and distributing power through mobile battery leasing rather than an electric grid. Each battery comes with a number of add-ons; LED lamp, USB charging, FM radio etc.

The funding is granted under the PIVØ funding programme.

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