Shaping a sustainable future

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The SDG conference PEOPLE PROFIT PLANET on September 10th - 11th will focus on how companies, NGOs and researchers can shape a sustainable future by working together. The event features business leaders, politicians, researchers and investors from all over the World.

Climate change. Population growth. Refugee crises. Deadly epidemics.

The world faces huge challenges. However, if we adress them corectly, they represent an opportunity for Danish companies that produce sustainable solutions.
And adresseing them correctly often means working through innovative cross-sector partnerships.

It is the combined knowledge from partners in different sectors that is key to truly sustainable development. By combining universities' knowledge and insight with humanitarian organisations' local foundation and focus on climate and human rights with private companies' sense of business, it is possible to develop solutions that are sustainable as well as commercially viable.

10 years ago, acces2innovation was one of the first in Denmark to formulate the partnership agenda. Now, the concept have won widespread acclaim and has been added to the UN Sustainabel Development Goals.

- There is an enormous potential in having companies, researchers and NGOs developing innovative solutions together, says acces2innovation CEO Jacob Ravn.

- For 10 years, we have facilitated more than 50 partnerships that have developed sustainable solutions in Africa. We now have a very good understanding of what works, but also what doesn't, and we have a very clear understanding of where Denmark should improve if we want our companies and technology to help adress the grand challenges of the World, he says.

- That is what this conference is all about. In the end, we all have to share the same future.

The conference PEOPLE PROFIT PLANET takes place at Musikkens Hus in Aalborg on September 10th-11th. It will feature the Danish Minister for Development and Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs, leading international business people and researchers, NGO dignitaries and investment foundations.

The conference rounds off with the climate-event "Last Exit Before the Abyss" - featuring Peter Lund Madsen, Rasmus Willig and Tor Nørretranders.

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