Jesper Ranch Nielsen from Danish Red Cross with the green generator. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen /access2innovation

Green generator ready for deployment

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The green generator that has been under development for seven years is ready for deployment with Red Cross base camps in collaboration between Red Cross, Griffin People and KVA Diesel.

”We are definitely getting there,” says Jesper Ranch Nielsen, Disaster Response and Preparedness manager at the Danish Red Cross.

He is in charge of setting up Red Cross base camps; the living quarters of relief employees who are dispatched to emergency areas in the event of natural disasters, wars and other conflicts that displaces large numbers of people and demand immediate response.

For the last seven years, Jesper Ranch Nielsen has been working with various partners from universities, private companies and other humanitarian organisations in the access2innovation association to develop an energy efficient hybrid generator that can be plugged into various energy sources.

The near-final version of the generator setup consists of two highly efficient diesel generators, two 650-kg battery packs and a control unit that delivers enough power to suit the needs of dispatched emergency relief workers.

“I would have liked to use solar panels, fuel cells or portable wind mills instead of diesel, but the technology simply isn’t ready for this sort of setup yet,” says Jesper Ranch Nielsen.

Along with the companies KVA diesel and Griffin People, Danish Red Cross has now developed an efficient generator running on diesel and batteries that was tested thoroughly at the Danish Scouts jamboree at Julsø near Silkeborg in the beginning of July.
Here, the generator powered part of the camp with daily entertainment in the form of live music, lights, cooking gear etc.

“Apart from what I consider minor tweaks, the generator performed very well,” says Jesper Ranch Nielsen. “This was the last test in Denmark. We’ll be using it in the field on our next mission.”

The generator has been developed to meet a number of specific needs.
It needs to be built in modules in order to make the solution scalable and easy to move. The response time for the Red Cross Emergency Response Unit is a maximum of 48 hours before they take off from the airport.

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