The Ugandan ambassador, H.E. Zaake Wanume Kibedi (right) meeting with access2innovation members and CEO Jacob Ravn on Friday the 27th of May, 2016. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen, access2innovation

Commercial diplomacy

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The Ugandan ambassador visits access2innovation to meet with companies, researchers and NGOs.

”I would like to show my appreciation of the work that access2innovation is doing of connecting companies to do business in the developing countries, ” says H. E. Zaake Wanume Kibedi, the Ugandan ambassador to Denmark.

On Friday the 27th of May he visited access2innovation in Aalborg in order to meet with a number of interested companies who spent the afternoon talking to the ambassador, discussing business opportunities and challenges in the East African nation.

According to ambassador, the Ugandan government is working hard to improve the conditions for foreign companies that are interested in doing business and invest in Uganda by making the bureaucratic process easier and cutting through some of the red tape that has previously been a serious challenge to companies from abroad. For instance,  it is now possible to get all your licenses online from the same government office.

According to ambassador Kibedi, companies that work with partnership innovation are particularly interesting.

“Those partnerships are really important,” he says. “The model of partnership innovation is very interesting to Uganda and East Africa to pick up from. When they go to Uganda, they come with proper knowledge, technology and funding. That is why at the embassy we are eager to work with organisations like access2innovation - to partner up with those companies,” he says.

“The World of diplomacy has changed all over the world. Traditional diplomacy has changed to what you would call commercial diplomacy; attracting investment and attracting technology transfers,” says Mr. Kibedi. “That is why institutions like access2innovation are very important,” he says.

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