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New focal points in relief aid project

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With the project ”Deciphering the Relief Aid Market”, access2innovation will be expanding the need mapping to a wider range of areas.

Following the access2innovation workshop on relief aid solutions in Aalborg on April 21st, a list of needs has been compiled in order to set the course for the case identification that will be following shortly.

Under the headlines sustainable energy, food production, construction and shelter, human waste, cattle, recycling, ICT, connectivity and mobile health monitoring, possible new areas will include a range of cases that haven’t previously been with access2innovation’s scope.

Up until now, access2innovation has been focusing mainly on green energy, food, agriculture and water and sanitation solutions.

Concept notes of 10 feasibility studies of new business cases will be launched by the end of next month and presented at a conference in Aalborg in August.

Applications to partake in the new partnerships will open in September.

Read more about the “Deciphering the Relief Aid Market”-project.

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