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Head of secretariat Jacob Ravn and Niels Henrik Johansen from the One Stop Shop joins live tv-debate on commercially sustainable development.
Following the debate in the wake of the new Danish Ministry for Trade and Development, access2innovation and One Stop Shop were invited to join a live panel debate on DR2 Dagen – a late afternoon nationwide in-depth news programme.
Taking the lead from the rather categorical question of whether development aid should be abandoned in favour of trade, access2innovation presented the concept of building commercially viable business cases that have a social impact locally.
“We are trying to couple the knowledge between the NGOs, the researchers and the private sector in order to understand the challenges that we are facing in Africa – in order to develop commercially sustainable solutions that create jobs locally, secures sustainable development and enables growth for Danish industry,” Jacob Ravn said.
“It’s all about viability,” Niels Henrik Johansen said. “If the One Stop Shop is not viable – to me or to the local organisation that we are building, it will eventually cease to exist.”
The debate followed an interview with two African environmental journalists from the IMS-delegation that visited Denmark last week.
Jacob Ravn and Niels Henrik Johansen were joined in the studio by development consultant, author and journalist Knud Vilby and professor of economics and development Martin Paldam.
The interview is available on this link until March 18th, 2014:!/35:11

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