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PIVØ update - Greening of industries in Kenya

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Industries in developing countries have very poor efficiency when it comes to energy with up to 80 energy loss in the production to consumption value chain.
Thus, there is great market potential for Danish companies in offering solutions, and at the same time achieving environmental benefits that can optimize value chains, i.e. production, distribution and consumption.

With support from access2innovation and the European Regional Fund, ea energy has just returned from a trip to Kenya regarding their partnership in the PIVØ Greening of Industries project. The project looks at the energy value chain within factories with specific focus on steam distribution.
In partnership with, LR Marine, Insul-Click, LOGSTOR and LE34, ea Energy is developing solutions to optimize on this.
During the visit, various analysis and scans were done to measure losses, temperatures and pipe dimensions. Based on these findings the project group is developing solutions to 3D render a factory in order to estimate the pipe dimensions as well as make new solutions to insulate the pipes.
- We visited three different factories and found saving potentials of an estimated +50%  on all the factories. As a Danish business we see enormous opportunities, and we look forward to next step with site testings to show the factories' real time savings, Says Eg Andersen, ea energy.

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