Access2innovation brings together civil society organisations, businesses, public institutions and the academic world in new collaborations.
We help creating new sustainable solutions and business models targeting developing countries and the relief aid sector.


The partners come together to work out solutions to concrete problems in the developing world and allow business partners to access vast new markets with sustainable products that are in demand.

The civil society organisations have got years of experience from working in developing countries, universities holds state-of the-art knowledge and commercial companies have a strong focus on research and production. Combined, this powerful cocktail can provide innovative solutions to people in need - while doing good business at the same time.Despite the simplicity of the basic idea, only a limited number of partnerships exist.

This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge at universities and in private sectors about needs and possibilities in the third world and due to the tendency for civil society organizations to keep commercial interests at an arm’s length.

This means that those who need it the most are kept away from the innovative process. The gap between the rich and poor of this world is widening.

We are here to change that.

Access2innovation has proven itself as a cutting edge platform for new partnerships. So far, these partnerships have created groundbreaking new solutions based on high-tech knowledge, experience and best practice, which – combined with local knowledge and insight – have solved previously insurmountable challenges in daily life.

There are no exact approach or fixed solutions on how to develop a partnership; partnerships develop and innovative differently, but the access to innovative solutions together with a wide range of different expertises can create valuable business models.

What we do:

  • We provide businesses with insights into the needs, wishes, and demands perceived by the civil organisations in the developing countries.
  • We create new innovative and partnerships between businesses, civil organizations and the academic world.
  • We facilitate developing processes towards creating new sustainable solutions and access to new international markets.

We can’t solve all the structural difficulties around the world, but we can shorten the distance between demand, experience and solution significantly, thus opening up a commercial market that is otherwise notoriously hard to reach.

The access2innovation network was established in 2007 by DanChurchAid, North Denmark EU-Office, South Denmark European Office, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the departments of Development and Planning and Energy Technology at Aalborg University. Christian Friis Bach, head of the International Department at DanChurchAid, was chairman of the first steering committee.

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