Plumbers in Abijan, Cote d'Ivoire getting ready to test the ecoBeta insert. Photo © by ecoBeta

Water saving toilet valves

The Danish company ecoBeta has developed a water saving device for flushing toilets that allows for a drastic reduction in water usage.

The device is inserted in a flushing toilet cistern and reduces the average water usage with 40 to 50 percent.
Furthermore, the insert valve has only very few moving parts and is therefore extremely low in maintenance.

Through the network AfWA (African Water Association), ecoBeta has gotten into contact with the water authorities in 40 African countries – an enormous market potential.

Access2innovation has granted ecoBeta funding for two in a pilot projects in Cote d’Ivoir, where more than 200 inserts have been tested on a number of sites in the capital Abidjan.

Visit the ecoBeta website.

For further information, please contact Ole Stein at the access2innovation secretariat.

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