M-PAYG mobile solution in use. Photo © by M-PAYG

Sustainable energy through mobile payment

With an imminent and growing demand for energy in refugee camps and rural communities, single unit solar power solutions is an obvious and sustainable solution.

However, finding a business solutions that allows for proper quality solutions that are truly sustainable, has been a tough challenge.

The Danish company M-PAYG has developed a leasing solution where families can rent a complete solar housing unit with all the necessary plugin options and pay in small rates through already existing mobile payment systems.
The solution has already been implemented in Tanzania for some time. However, the introduction to a refugee camp/settlement needs testing. This is done in close collaboration with the Danish NGO DanChurchAid.

Besides making sustainable power available through mobile micro payments, the project will improve the relationship between refugees and host community through mutual trade and economical dependence.

Partners: M-PAYG, DanChurchAid

Where: Bidibidi, Uganda

This project is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation under the “Deciphering the Relief Aid Market” project. Read more…

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