Power Hub

Small, decentralized off-grid solar cell installations are booming in East Africa. Although cheap at first, most current solutions are not very energy efficient and the costs end up running high.

The Power Hub is based on the idea of setting up a central solar plant in close proximity to a refugee camp and distributing power to the consumers through mobile battery leasing rather than an electric grid.

Each battery comes with a powerful LED lamp, USB charging, FM Radio and 12V charging sockets for other equipment. The battery is built with a GSM/LoRa/WiFi module and can be surveyed and controlled through a cloud-based server. The concept is that the person who rents or leases the battery pack can use the pack to make money through charging peoples’s phones or other electric equipment.

The concept is thought to build a more positive relationship between refugee camps and surrounding villages through a mutual commercial dependence.

Partners: PP Power (lead), CX Power ApS, Liab ApS, Neogrid Technologies

Where: Kenya

This project is supported by funding from the PIVØ-programme. Read more…

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