Growth House Northern Jutland





Growth House Northern Jutland is one of Denmark's 5 regionsl growth houses. The growth houses' mission is to enhance business start-up and growth in the region through guidance targeted at entrepreneurs and businesses having ambitious plans such as entering new markets, inventing new products or employing more people.

The Regional Growth House provides entrepreneurs with an overview of public demands and legalisation, processes and best practice. Furthermore they provide online tools with regards to planning, making budgets and contracts.

The Regional Growth House cooperates with and provides contact to private advisers such as banks, accountants and lawyers and to a large number of public actors. The Growth House undertakes a number of programmes in cooperation with public actors and private consultants. The purpose is to generate growth and development in companies in Northern Jutland.

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C. A. Olesens Gade 4, 3. sal, DK-9000 Aalborg, // c/o GrowAal

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