The new Solarventi drying solution. Photo © by Solarventi

New post harvest drying solution yields promising results

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A new, solar based solution for drying fruits and vegetables shows promising results in Uganda.
The solution has been developed by the Danish company Solarventi with support fra access2innovation and the European Regional Fund.

The solution is simple and inexpensive. It is able to produce tasty and storeable healthy foods from dried pineapple, banana, mango etc. Nearly half of all the fruit that is grown usually goes to waste in the post harvesting process, which means that there is an abundance of resources available.

At the same time, the new solution enables the creation small, viable local businesses which in turn lessens the risk of migration.

The solution has recently been tested in Uganda through the access2innovation network and the results have been beyond expectations.
"The loss in food production and poor quality products have long been a major challenge to food production in Africa. The Solarventi installation contributes with a significantly better product and a higher volume than before," says Henrik Anker-Ladefoged from access2innovation.

Solarventi is excited about the new market opportunities and are confident that they are on the right track.
"Through the PIVØ project we have gained funding, sparring and access to a local network that has been able to secure efficient development and testing of our product," says Solarventi CEO Hans Jørgen Christensen.
"The market opportunities are obviously there. Working with access2innovation we hope that we will be able to get to the East African markets over the next years," he says.

Watch a video recording of feedback from the new solution below.


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