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Danish engineers join access2innovation

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The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) as well as the humanitarian organisation Ingeniører Uden Grænser (Engineers Without Borders Denmark) join access2innovation as the association grows and encompasses more and more expertise.

The access2innovation association is happy to announce that two more prominent members have joined the steadily expanding network of companies, humanitarian organisations and researchers.

Engineers Without Borders Denmark (IUG) is a technical humanitarian organisation that seeks to re-establish life-preserving measures for people in need. The organisation joins access2innovation to strengthen their ties with the Danish private sector.

“Almost all of our projects have an economic incentive as a driver,” says IUG Secretary-General Dorte Lindegaard Madsen.
“Whether we are working on water projects for farmers in rural Africa or supporting the move from black tea to white tea production, there is always a business element that comes into play as a key factor for sustainability. Joining access2innovation seems like at natural move to make.”

The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) is a professional organisation with more than 110.000 members working and studying in the fields of technology, natural sciences and IT.

“In IDA, reaching the SDGs is key. By joining access2innovation we look forward to engage in developing the needed solutions to emerging markets,” says Chairman of IDA, Thomas Damkjær Petersen.
“Through access2innovation we will be able to provide our members with new business opportunities with a global reach, as well as tackling the SDGs in a novel way.”

“With the addition of IDA and IUG we are adding a huge amount of knowledge and experience to our membership base,” says access2innovation CEO Jacob Ravn. “The addition of these two organisations to the access2innovation network strongly underlines that innovative partnerships are at the top of the agenda,” he says.

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