Professor Arne Remmen (right) was re-elected as chairman. Jakob Harbo (Danish Red Cross) remains as Vice-chairman. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen, access2innovation

The Danish platform for innovative partnerships

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At the general assembly in Aalborg on Monday, the course was set for the coming years. access2innovation will continue to be the leading Danish platform for innovative partnerships. Focus is set on impact financing and research.

- Ten years ago, when we set out, it was hard to get anyone to listen to the idea that innovative partnerships could be an effective driver for sustainable development. Now it has become a buzz-word that everybody uses. It is one of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals, and part of the government’s official aid policy, says CEO Jacob Ravn.

Even so, the Danish system is somewhat lacking when it comes to supporting and grasping innovative partnership development.

- Based on ten years of experience we see a plethora of challenges. Specifically when it comes to bridging the funding gap between testing and development phases, marketing and scaling, he says.

Over the coming months, access2innovation will be developing and launching a number of funding and impact investment-related activities as well as supporting a new PhD on impact financing.

AssemblycollageCombined impact investment workshop and general assembly at Musikkens Hus, Aalborg, April 23rd, 2018

 With support from Aalborg University, access2innovation is building the necessary academic backbone for partnership driven innovation. During recent years, three PhDs and numerous master students from Danish universities have provided in-sights into the dynamics of partnership driven innovation through access2innovation.
As a further strengthening of the association’s strong ties with researchers, professor Stuart Hart will be joining the initiative later this year

- We are taking serious steps towards the academic forefront with hands-on research based knowledge and methodologies that can assist us in reaching the SDG ambitions, Ravn says.

Having been one of the primary advocates for cross sector partnership innovation for ten years, access2innovation has supported more than 50 partnerships between companies, academia and civil society organisations in Denmark and East Africa. The association is by far the most experienced cross-sector partnership innovation platform in Denmark – and in Europe for that matter.

- With our experience we have gained insight into many of the areas where partnerships become hard to handle, says Jacob Ravn. We are very happy to share our success stories, but to fulfil the potentials of partnership innovation, we need to address the reality of what works and what doesn’t. And we are going to do a whole lot more of that onwards.

Professor Arne Remmen was re-elected chairman of the board.

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