Firewood collectors in Kenya's Lake Turkana district. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen, access2innovation

Danish SMEs innovating for the BoP-market

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The funding programme PIVØ that was introduced last year has proven to be a successful tool for innovative SMEs that focus on the BoP-market. The programme is aimed specifically at partnerships that innovate within sustainable energy, agri-business, water, construction or IT - primarily in East Africa.

Until now, six partnerships have been established, and more are on the way.

PIVØ-supported projects range in scope and thematic from briquette manufacturing and power distribution, sanitation, circular farming and cooling initiatives, to a new and highly promising dairy solution.

What all the projects have in common, though, is that the lead partner companies are all SMEs.

“The PIVØ programme is tailor-made to suit partnerships with small or medium sized companies,” says access2innovation CEO Jacob Ravn, “It seems to have hit the sweet spot. The set-up is flexible enough for the partnerships to navigate without being overburdened by administrative chores. This allows them to focus on developing their solutions,” he says.

The agility of SMEs and the flexibility of the PIVØ programme fit each other really well, says Jacob Ravn. He has high expectations to all the involved partners.
“PIVØ grants funding for concept development and testing and I strongly expect that all of these partnerships will end up as viable business cases,” he says.

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